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I'm interested in trying this out, but one part of the equation puzzles me:
What exactly do to the Slitaz linux distro to have it output the Wacom serial signals over LAN? And is this more or less universally possible across all linux distros? (I know you mentioned it would depend on how the internals is wired, but let's for the moment assume all Wacom internals are wired the same way, and it's just the OS being different).

In other words, if I were to venture out a buy a relatively old and cheap tablet (like the Motion LE1600), how would I make the necessary modifications to have it work on the Motion instead of a Fujitsu machine, or does that not matter, other than the internal wiring?

I'm relatively tech savvy and I'm no stranger to Ubuntu, I would like a few pointers as to where to look to make required modifications if your distro doesn't work out of the box on other devices, though more detail would obviously be more helpful and much appreciated !