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I confirm that I have removed Supervisor passwords using your method on Lenovo T500. You did a remarkable discovery. I really appreciate it. I removed T510 passwords using your method as well whereas a bit different methods as follows:
For Lenovo T510:

1. Keep the pins shorted once from getting into BIOS till you are in menu of changing supervisor password, i.e security -> Passwords -> Supervisior Password and this time it will not ask for old password, will give you only new password option, hit Enter twice then release pins and hit F10 save and you are done, Supervisor password is gone.

For T500 and T510, EEPROM are at the bottom side of motherboards, i had to take motherboard out, Parts connected at that time was CPU FAN with heat sink on CPU, Screen cable, Keyboard, RS232 BIOS (Yellow) Battery and Adaptor power cable, it was hard to manage but you can do it.

Thanks a million.