These pages are an attempt to shake off the bit-mould from the many software projects I have started, and mostly not finished over the years. Some of this stuff is very usable, some of it needs work.

I also hope to document some of the more interesting projects I've undertaken.

In additional to that it is an aide-mémoire to little bits of problem solving I frequently encounter day to day.

The Source code section provides downloadable source code to some of the software projects here. Where available binaries are also provided. A lot of projects I have coded over the years have been written in Borland Delphi, mainly because that is what I started using 20 years ago. 



From Tom Merritt's Chronology of Tech History

  • On this day in 1920 - 8MK, began operating in Michigan. Now, WWJ, it claims to have been the first commercial radio station.
  • On this day in 1930 - W2XCR began broadcasting at 2.1-2.2 MHz from Jersey City, New Jersey, with the first demonstration of telecasts meant for the home. A half-hour program, hosted by the cartoonist Harry Hirschfeld, was viewed on screens placed in a store in the Hotel Ansonia, the Hearst building, and a home at 98 Riverside Drive.
  • On this day in 1970 - John Carmack was born in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. He would grow up to co-found id software and bring the world Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.