These pages are an attempt to shake off the bit-mould from the many software projects I have started, and mostly not finished over the years. Some of this stuff is very usable, some of it needs work.

I also hope to document some of the more interesting projects I've undertaken.

In additional to that it is an aide-mémoire to little bits of problem solving I frequently encounter day to day.

The Source code section provides downloadable source code to some of the software projects here. Where available binaries are also provided. A lot of projects I have coded over the years have been written in Borland Delphi, mainly because that is what I started using 20 years ago. 



From Tom Merritt's Chronology of Tech History

  • On this day in 1815 - Ada Byron was born in London England to the poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabelle Milbanke. She would later marry William King and take on his title as Lady Lovelace. But she is best remembered as Charles Babbages friend, and as writer of the first program for his Difference Engine. She is considered by many to be the first computer programmer.
  • On this day in 1942 - Germany conducted the first powered test flight of a V-1 Rocket, launched from beneath an Fw-200.
  • On this day in 1944 - Paul Otlet died. His theories presciently described a global interlinked web of documents, presaging the World Wide Web almost 50 years before its invention.