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Labels for SMD (BoxAll) Component Cases – Resistors and Capacitors

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Here are some templates for printing labels for AideTek Box-All SMD enclosures.

The boxes themselves come with only 2 sheets of labels and the template on the AideTek website leaves something to be desired.

The labels I found to be the same size as the AideTek ones are Avery No. 3306 labels available from Amazon (if your buying you can use the affiliate link below to throw me a few pennies at no cost to yourself).

The zip file (download 114K) contains OpenOffice, Word and PDF templates. You will need to create a custom page size for your printer which is: 158mm Height x 121mm Width.

I have included common standard resistor and capacitor values but you can edit the documents as needed.

The BOX-ALL-144 are available from Amazon in quantities of two.


Of course, you might find the templates useful for labeling any collection of passive components.




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