Project Description Last Change Actions
Empathy Jukebox Empathy Jukebox. A Virtual CD jukebox written in Delphi 2006. All components needed to build Empathy Jukebox are in this repo. 22-12-30 00:25 tree tar/gz zip
TouchScreen Components A set of touch screen and other components for Delphi. Written in Delphi 2006 and used in the Empathy Jukebox application. Includes a a button, a checkbox, A picture scroller, A listbox, A spinning globe hourglass, A text scroller and A transparent panel. These components are already included in the Empathy Jukebox source tree. 12-10-12 10:38 tree tar/gz zip
On Screen Keyboard On Screen Keyboard - Written in Delphi 2006. This tree is already included in the Empathy Source tree. 12-10-12 10:37 tree tar/gz zip
Joomla ViewGit Plugin Quick and Dirty ViewGit Plugin for Joomla 3.0 12-10-11 16:24 tree tar/gz zip
This day in Tech This Day in Tech. Console programs, PHP and Joomla plugins to provide an interface to Tom Merritt's 'A Chronology of Tech History'. 12-11-02 11:12 tree tar/gz zip
Autologout screensaver A very simple Windows screen saver that will present a large notification box for a specified period of time before logging the user off. Delphi 2006. 13-09-13 09:09 tree tar/gz zip