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Very quick solder station cabinet

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Spent and hour and a half with some MDF and a glue gun trying to tidy up my electronics workbench. There are two powerstrips on the back of unit that powers everything.

Very bodgy but totally convenient and a great space saver.

Probably should have put the soldering iron on the far right but this started as storage for the electrical tools.

From left to right:-

  • Hot Glue
  • Electric Stapler
  • Hair dryer
  • Soldering iron (bottom)
  • Hot air (top)
  • Heat gun

Putting the iron/air on top was the first afterthought. Putting a draw underneath with storage trays was the second afterthought. Powering the thing up the third and putting a solder spool on the right hand side the last.

Got a bit carried away but time well spent I think.

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