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Empathy Jukebox - Downloads

Empathy Jukebox - a touchscreen ready virtual CD jukebox.


empathy-binaries-build-2169.zipOctober 16 2015 00:34:593499974b
The Empathy program files. Extract this to a folder and view the INSTALL document to get started.
empathy-jukebox-binaries-build-2144.zipMay 25 2014 17:11:083287689b
The 'Basic' skin. Thanks to Ian Lander.
empathy-skin-basic.zipMay 25 2014 17:11:08122438b
The 'Jamacia' skin. Thanks to Ian Lander.
empathy-skin-jamaica.zipMay 25 2014 17:11:08257590b
The brushed metal skin.
empathy-skin-metal.zipMay 25 2014 17:11:08121629b
The 'wood' skin.The wood skin. This is the default and does not need to be downloaded unless multiple skins are in use.
empathy-skin-wood.zipMay 25 2014 17:11:07193727b

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