Saturday, 30 March 2013 12:56

Permission issue when copying profiles from client to samba4 server

When copying an exisiting user profile from a windows (XP in this case) client to a samba4 PDC the unix permissions on the copied profile folder (just the root of it not the whole thing) are incorrectly (and often differently!) set.
To get round this query wbinfo for the correct Unix UID and the chown it correctly. e.g.:
wbinfo -i username


DOMAIN\username:*:3000020:100:Template User Display:/home/CEDARHOUSE/template:/bin/false

So chown it:-

chown 3000020:users username

Also make it owner only readable like:-

chmod 700 username.
Not sure if this is correct way to do it, or something is wrong with my Samba4 setup but it certainly solved the problem.

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