Friday, 02 May 2014 00:00

XBMC Aeon MQ 5 skin - replacing Star Ratings with media duration (length)

The new Aeon MQ5 skin with XBMC is truly fantastic (well done Marcosqui).
My one gripe is that the duration is not show in wide list view (or any view for that matter).
This is easily fixed by replacing the StarRatings image controls (which I don't use) with the duration labels.
  	<control type="label">
	<label>$INFO[ListItem.Duration,(, min)]</label>
	<visible>![Container.Content(artists) | Container.Content(years) | Container.Content(genres) | Container.Content(seasons) | StringCompare(ListItem.Label,..)]</visible>
Modified ViewsWide.xml attached.
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