Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

Dead ECS NM70-M motherboards

I've had a couple of ECS nm70-m motherboards just die for no apparent reason (they are used in some inexpensive zoostorm PCs).

If you remove the memory they will beep as they POST, so I knew they weren't completely dead.

I managed to bring them back to life by:-

  1. Installing a PCI-E video card.
  2. Resetting the CMOS using the jumper.
  3. Powering on and waiting about 10-20 minutes, the machine will finish POST and jump into setup (honestly!).
  4. Reflash the bios from a bootable USB stick (created with the excellent Rufus) and using the latest BIOS from ECS's site.

Back to working. This happend to two boards, one after installing a video card, the other all by itself. This method fixed both.

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